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In These Times is a response to, an engaging of, and a personal log for troubling events in our present and an ever-growing uncertainty around our future. These compositions represent a timeline, from the recent past to present, and how we as a species process and deal with the information of our likely extinction. As we come to terms with the inevitable, we breathe deeply and try not to panic. We sit back, and we watch as the sun sets.

On April 21, 2019, the world will begin to end. Every thought, every moment, every loved one, every relationship we have ever known will join every creature that has ever lived on this planet in a race toward extinction. We will continue on as if it isn’t happening, which is why it’s inevitable. These times are not to be taken for granted. We have an obligation to everyone on the planet to reduce as much harm as possible, and to promote peace, love, and kindness. This is music from the end of the world. This is spirituals.


In These Times
Blackwell’s Ashes
Calvin Whitney Console
Here I Am, Two Warships
11 Years
Roll Call


idol sines

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